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Stay Trauma-Informed

The Truth About ACES 

"Traumatic childhood events such as abuse, neglect, and witnessing experiences like crime, parental conflict, mental illness, and substance abuse can result in long-term negative effects on learning, behavior and health. Often referred to as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), these types of events create dangerous levels of stress that can derail healthy brain development, and increase risk for smoking, alcoholism, depression, heart disease, and dozens of other illnesses and unhealthy behaviors throughout life." (RWJF)


July 27, 2020

Restorative Circles: Creating a Safe Environment for Students to Reflect

Restorative Circle can be used as an alternative to punitive punishment such as detention, suspensions and expulsions. Watch this video from Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School where they have daily meeting to provide space for students to reflect on their behavior and find positive ways to resolve conflicts.

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July 27, 2020

How Restorative Justice Could End Mass Incarceration

"Punishing offenders for their crimes is the primary goal of the American criminal justice system. But what about victims & affected communities – does punishing offenders help them heal? Shannon Sliva argues for a shift towards Restorative Justice, a philosophy where "getting justice" means repairing harm. But for this movement to succeed in prisons & courtrooms, we must change our approach to conflict in our daily lives."

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July 27, 2020