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Organizational Healing Through

 Training, Self-Care, and Wellbeing

The CR3 Training Experience is focused on creating a space for personal, relational, and organizational healing through the implementation of our CR3 experiential training and self-care + wellness activities. 

Workplace Wellness Experience

We offer our workplace wellness training to address stress, trauma, and employee burnout. Additionally, we offer a curated healing experience designed for your organization's specific needs. Some healing experiences include spa treatments, ionic foot detoxes, circles in the salt room, or a restorative luxury brunch for employees and leaders. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

CR3 Circle of Healing Experience

We offer facilitated wellbeng circles to enhance employee well-being, workplace relationship development, and collaboration. We alo offer train-the-trainer professional development opportunities in which we train participants to facilitate circles in the workplace. Click Here to learn more about our CR3 Circles of Healing. 

CR3 Workplace Relationship 


We offer a 12-hour experiential training designed to equip employers, leaders, and employees to respond to workplace conflict including conflict resolution, healing, restorative communication, information exchange, and relationship development. We also offer facilitated activities, games and exercises to build workplace relationships.


Using our CR3 collaborative restoration approach, CR3 Restorative Services and Solutions help individuals in workplaces create spaces of healing that promote self-preservation and well-being.

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