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Community Restorative Solutions & Services

About The CRSS

Community Restorative Solutions and Services (The CRSS) brings healing & restoration to communities through the implementation of restorative and trauma-informed practices.


Restoring Communities

 Trauma-Informed Training

Schedule one of our trauma-informed training sessions specialized for families, schools, faith-based organizations and other community service providers.

Trauma-Informed Consulting 

Schedule a consultation for personal consultant services to help your organization, ministry or family become trauma and resilient informed. 



Schedule a Restorative Circle today to repair harmed relationships while learning communication skills to build positive relationships.

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is an evidence-based, new emerging social science. It studies how to improve & repair relationships between people and communities. The purpose is to build healthy communities, decrease crime and antisocial behavior, repair harm and restore relationships.

"Trauma-informed and culturally competent care means good quality, compassionate, empathic, and attuned care.”

-Dr. Laura S. Brown, Ph.D

Trauma- Informed Communities

In a trauma-informed community, the service providers in the community (teachers, child welfare workers, police, medical professionals, etc.) are prepared to recognize and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic stress. The goals are to: 1. foster a space for trauma and community healing  2. create communication strategies to build/repair relationships between families  3. equip community members with the tools to deal with stressful situations. 

4. create an underlying culture of respect and support.

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